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"I never thought he'd agree to go to treatment. You really worked a miracle." - Tom P. (from IL)


We want to thank you for the wonderful way you handled our family's situation.  From the moment of our first contact by phone IPS was wonderful about making a point of contacting us daily just to check in, see how we were doing, and ask if we had any questions.  Based on our particular family's story, it was decided that both a male and female interventionist would work best. Once we were introduced to them, it was so comforting to know we were free to call Anthoy as often as we felt the need, any time day or night.  We hadn't spoken to Anthony before meeting him in person this weekend, but he was so wonderful and made us feel so comfortable and safe about what was happening...he just did not feel like the stranger he really was.

Not only did IPS seem to connect with Kate on just the right level which must play such a big part in her willingness to go, but all of the adults on our "team" said IPS was superb as well.  We didn't hear a single word about what anyone might have thought should have been done differently.  From the moment when Kate found a strange person waking her up in her bedroom asking her to come downstairs until the moment she drove off with them to the airport, they handled each moment in just the right way to feed the success of our efforts.  Kate clearly opened up to both of then.  Even during a long, delayed series of flights, they were able to keep that connection with and help keep her calm in the face of what was surely becoming a bit scary.

I could go on for hours about thankful we are for what you were able to do for Kate and for our family.  And we're so very happy that IPS chose the team they did.  What you accomplished may well be a life-saver for our daughter and for that we'll be eternally grateful.

Our heartfelt thanks to you all.

Jenny (Michigan)


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"Once we decided that an intervention was the course to take with my brother, I immediately started calling around to professionals I found on the web for assistance. IPS called back within the hour, as their voicemail says they will, and off the bat I felt comfortable with their guidance. Over the next several weeks before the intervention, I was called daily to check in and see about helping me. IPS even arranged a trip to the West Coast to visit centers and meet with directors. Once we decided on a date and a center, I was introduced to the professional who would be peforming the intervention, and every expectation was surpassed. The responsiveness, caring, dedication, and professionalism in handling my brother's case made me that much more comfortable at leaving the event- and ultimately my brother- in IPS' hands. The intervention was a success and I know that if it wasn't for the Intervention Professionals, my brother would not be in treatment today. Our lives are forever changed by the help and committment that Intervention Professionals gave us at our time in need and I will always think of them as family- for they have saved my own."

Pamela - Virginia


No amount of thanks will ever express our graditude to Intervention Professionals.  We knew our out of control son desperately needed to be in rehab but the chances of our reasoning with him were slim to none. Fourtunately the rehab we selected recommended (IPS). We were instructed every step of the way, speaking with us multiple times daily and in a matter of three days our son was safely in his rehab program.  IPS was so assured in what it was doing that we were able to put our trust in them right from the start.  The intervention actually became the first experience in our family's healing.  I feel my family (and my son) have a special friend in IPS and that will always remain a part of our lives. 

Anderson Family


"I had to intervene in my son's life quickly, drugs were starting to get the better of him, but he had a court date only a few days away. This was the first time he had ever been in trouble, he's only 18 years old!  I called one intervention company but they said to wait and see what the out come of court would be.  Thank goodness my next call was to Intervention Professionals, they used my son's day in court to his advantage.  My son's attorney explained to the D.A. and the Judge that he had a bed waiting for him at the rehab center and that an intervention counselor was there in court waiting to take him to rehab immediately.  So, instead of my son spending time in jail, he is where he can get the help he needs.  I will be forever greatful to Intervention Professionals for their quick action and giving my son a chance to turn his life around."

Gina (Mother)
Fresno, CA


"I found IPS by shear luck. Out of desperation looking for help for my son. The very first time I spoke with them I felt the commitment they spoke openly and freely about addiction and the options that were available. I called other intervention services none gave me the feeling of their personal commitment to help my son. We spoke several times a day prior to the intervention and we continue to speak often. It seemed unlikely that you would meet two people so committed, but I have. The interventionist stepped into the picture and offered all the same support and knowledge. When my family met IPS at our home on the day of the intervention it was like seeing an old friend. Not only had we spoken but they had already spoken with one of my brothers. Our intervention was not easy, it took several hours but IPS was determined to say the very least. With conviction and that of my family we were successful. The interventionist used the analogy that we were providing my son a lifeboat and he just needed to grab on! IPS is my lifeboat.

Thank You




I hope this finds you and yours well. I wanted to say thank you for your time and effort in guiding our family through a difficult time. I know we are a "long" way from the ending we desire, but you have to have some starting point. My brother and I couldn't let anymore time pass and I feel we did the right thing. Erica's future remains in her hands...

If I can ever be of assistance to any of your staff while in the Houston area, please don't hesitate and give me a call.

Best Regards,

John W., Sr.


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