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"From the moment we called, we knew we found the right team. We weren't disappointed" Beth T. (NM)


Our Team

Our team is a group of caring professionals that work nationally to come up with the best solution to your situation. In addition to the interventionists, we have individuals that are involved in research and planning and clinical consultants that provide pertinent information to our interventionists. Local regional liaisons work throughout the country to visit and evaluate treatment settings and ensure that we are up to date on what is available to those that need assistance.

Give us a call. We can help.

Anthony Marengo, President

Anthony's committment to interventions and recovery is a very personal one. During the grips of his addiction, he lost sight of his goals and dreams, he dropped out of college, withdrew from his family and friends, incurred serious legal and financial trouble and was drunk on a daily basis. Feeling hopeless and that life had no purpose, he was presented with a new way of living. The process started with an intervention his family coordinated and continued after his graduation from inpatient residential treatment.

With some willingness and support from his family and treatment team, he took full advantage of the opportunity his family gave him at his intervention finishing his inpatient program with a new found calling to help other alcoholics and addicts. Anthony has worked with individuals and families at all phases of recovery.  He has extensive expereince working in Admissions at a leading young adult treatment program as well as at a premier 90 day lisenced facility for alcoholism and addiction treatment.  Anthony was also responsible for a 60 bed facility as Program Director and learned the most effective techniques and strategies to help keep individuals in treatment.  He has also managed sober living programs and aftercare.  Anthony and his team have successfully facilitated over 100 successful intervenitoins helping families get their loved one's into treatment.  

Founded on the back of his success with his own struggle, the core nature of IPS is an unyeilding belief in the importance of the critical connection of one sober person relation to another sober person.

John Ellis, Recovery Consultant

John has used his unique ability and approach to providing family coaching services since 2006. His experiences working with family members as a recovery coach and mentor, have allowed him to witness and facilitate changes in family dynamics that can only be described as miraculous.  John has received his master’s degree in Social Work with an emphasis on children, youth, and Families. Prior to working as an independent coach, John worked within a variety of treatment environments; inpatient, outpatient, and correctional settings. He has worked with all genders, ages and diverse cultural backgrounds. He is passionate about parenting and recovery, often citing his own recovery journey of 25 years clean and sober to inspire parents and youth alike through his commitment and sense of personal dedication. His professional and life experiences have given him a sense of wisdom and understanding that make him the ideal coach for parents


Todd Welch, Director of Outreach and Business Development

Todd brings personal recovery and a sincere commitment to helping other find recovery as well to the IPS team.  He is an expert working with families to find appropriate placement for their loved one's.  He knows through his own personal experience of multiple treatment centers that proper placement is a key factor in an addict/alcoholic's successful outcome.  Once Todd finished his own inpatient treatment he went on to complete his B.A. degree in Psychology and is pursuing his Master's in International Business at the University of Thunderbird.  He is passionate about recovery and stays very active in his local 12 step community, sponsoring new members at his homegroup and volunteering at local AA and NA events.  


If you would like to talk to an intervention specialist, please call 866-800-3636, for immediate help.


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