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"Your intervention was the start to healing our family and getting us back on track. Thank you." Steve J. (WA.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Intervention?
Usually led by a professional, the intervention is a facilitated process that brings concerned individuals together to take action to help a person that needs assistance. In many cases, the end result is the person accepting they need help and going willingly to a pre-selected placement such as drug treatment or drug rehab.

How do you know if an intervention makes sense for my situation?
Chances are, if you are at this site, then you're headed in the right direction. If you know inside that the person you are concerned about is destroying his or her life then intervention is a good thought. It also might be the case that you just know having and outside professional will make the difference in reaching out to the person.

I'm worried this will do more harm than good?
Steer away from people that tell you intervention is an absolute necessity. Professional intervention is not warranted in every situation and sometimes a family can be coached to deal with their own loved one. Our professionals can assess your situation and help you regardless of whether or not we perform the intervention.

Why are interventions necessary?
A number of reason, but to be quite frank, it's because nothing else has worked. Secondly, you have a level of emotional involvement and investment that is getting in the way of seeing the truth in the situation. Lastly, and most importantly, you are faced with dealing with an addict. Reason and discussion are not things that are going to change a person. A trained interventionist, who understands addiction, can be that saving grace for you.

Who should be there?
What things should we prepare?
What happens during the intervention?
What happens after the intervention?
What is the goal of the intervention?
These are all important questions, but realize that each intervention is different and unique. There is no cookie cutter for an intervention. Our professionals will answer all your questions as they work with you to gather information about your family and your situation.

What is addiction?
A compulsive and repeated use of a substance, or involvement in a behavior without regard for consequences. Some say it is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

What is your intervention process/philosophy based on?
Not to be glib, but our philosophy is "Whatever it takes." and "Let's get the job done."

Our intervention process sees you as the client and meets your needs. It is more important that our intervention fits your needs and not that you fall into line with our process of intervention. Each intervention, each encounter is unique and different and calls upon different skills and talents.

We have been involved in interventions that have lasted a couple of hours, some have lasted days and other have taken place over the course of a month. In all cases the needs of the client was put foremost in the process.

What type of interventions do you perform?
Family interventions, workplace interventions, executive interventions, celebrity interventions, adolescent interventions, young adult interventions, crisis interventions, family system interventions, simple interventions, complex system interventions, and much more. Call us to find out.


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